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PPAM 2003 will take place in the Technical University of Czestochowa (in Polish Politechnika Czestochowska), Faculty of Management (in Polish Wydzial Zarzadzania), Armii Krajowej 19. The building, where conference will take place, is very easy to find - it is the blue glass-and-steel one, located opposite to the tram stop (number 8 on the map).

Faculty of Management

From the railway station you can get to the conference site by any tram (direction "Polnoc", not "Rakow"). The target tram stop is "Politechnika Czestochowska", it's the third stop from the station.

The welcome reception and lunches will take place in the student canteen (number 13 on the map).


PPAM'2003 will take place in Czestochowa, a city in the South of Poland, on the Warta River, situated on a beatiful and unique region of the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland, also called Jura, which gives you various possibility of spending time: hiking, cycling, riding, climbing and speleology. The most attractive things to see are the ruins of mighty castles. The majority of them was built in the XIV century.


Czestochowa is an important railway and industrial center, known especially for its iron and steel plant and iron-smelting works. Other industries include food processing, sawmilling, and the manufacture of chemicals, glass and textiles.

Czestochowa is a celebrated religious center, and a world-famous place of pilgrimage. Its monastery stands on the Jasna Gora [mountain of light] and contains an image of Mary known as the Black Madonna, supposedly painted by St. Luke and brought to Czestochowa in the 14th cent. In 1655, when Charles X of Sweden overran Poland, the prior and a handful of soldiers defended the monastery and its relic for 40 days until the Swedes abandoned the siege. Fired by what they thought to be a miracle, the Polish people rose to successful resistance. The event figures prominently in Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel The Deluge. The monastery was again defended against the Swedes in 1702. Venerated as the "Queen of Poland," the image became the national symbol of Poland.

Brama Jasnogórska

The Czestochowa University of Technology was formed in 1949 as High Engineering School with one faculty. At present it is a big academic centre with 14 majors on 6 faculties. Graduates of most majors can apply for a title of European Engineer. The University possess modern laboratory and learning facilities, library and good social base: dorms, gastronomic, sport and leisure centres.


The weather in Poland is generally unpredictable at this time of year. Temperature can be between 10 and 20 degrees, it can be sunny or rainy. Please take warm clothes with you. Take umbrella and coat.


You can arrive to Poland by plain on one of the three airports: Warszawa, Krakow (from Budapest, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Zurich, Warszawa), Katowice (from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Warszawa).
To Czestochowa you can get by train.

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We book rooms in hotels according to the registration data.

Name: Hotel IBIS
Address: Jaskrowska 22, 42-200 Czestochowa
Phone number: +48(34) 377.45.00
Short description: Hotel is situated 20 minutes walking distance from the Technical University of Czestochowa. This is quite a new hotel, rated 2 stars. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and bathroom with shower.
  • Single Rooms: 170-140* zl
  • Double Rooms: 170-140* zl
    */weekend rates
  • Breakfast not included in rates
  • Check in: noon, Check out: noon

Name: Hotel SEKWANA
Address: Wielunska 24, 42 - 200 Czestochowa
Phone number: +48(34) 324.89.54
Short description: Hotel is situated nearby Jasna Gora Monastery (about 3 minutes on foot). To the Technical University of Czestochowa is about 15 minutes' slow walk from hotel. It is very nice and calm neighbourhood.
  • Single Rooms: 150 zl
  • Double Rooms: 200 zl
  • Breakfast included in rates
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