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  1. Parallel Stochastic Search for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction, V. Robles, M.S. Perez, V. Herves, J.M. Pena and P. Larranaga.
  2. A Fault-Tolerant Protocol for Resource Allocation in a Grid Dedicated to Genomic Applications, M. Hurfin, J.P. Le Narzul, J. Pley and P. Raipin Parvedy.
  3. Parallel Algorithms for Evolutionary History Reconstruction, J. Blazewicz, P. Formanowicz, P. Kedziora and P. Wojciechowski.
  4. A Hierarchical Model for Coarse-Grained Parallel Genetic Programming, J. Frey, R. Gras, P. Hernandez and R. Appel.