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High Performance Numerical Algorithms

  1. Parallel algorithms for the solution of Toeplitz systems of linear equations, P. Alonso, J.M. Badia, A.M. Vidal
  2. Efficient matrix-vector algorithm for solving linear systems by WZ factorization, Beata Bylina, Jaroslaw Bylina
  3. Parallel Modular Multiplication Algorithm in Residue Number System, Hee-Joo Park
  4. Semi-Systolic Architecture for AB**2 Operation over GF(2**m), Hyun-Sung Kim
  5. An embedded iterative scheme in electromagnetism, B.Carpentieri, I,S. Duff, L. Giraud, G. Sylvand
  6. Parallel Squere Modular Computer Algebra, Sergey A.Inutin
  7. Analyzing the Efficiency of Block-Cyclic Checkerboard Partitioning in Neville Elimination, P.Abascal, P. Alonso, R.Cortina, I. Diaz, J. Ranilla
  8. GRIBB - Branch-and-Bound Methods on the Internet, R.Moe
  9. Incomplete Cholesky Factorization in Fexid Memory, Sergey Saukh
  10. Solving Linear Recurrence Systems Using Level 2 and 3 BLAS Routines, P. Stpiczynski
  11. Parallelizable Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol, SW. Lee, WH. Kim, HS. Kim, KY. Yoo
  12. A class of block smoothers for multigrid solution of saddle point problems with application to fluid flow, P. Krzyzanowski
  13. A Combined Fractional Step Domain Decomposition Method for the Numerical Integration of Parabolic Problems, Laura Portero
  14. Cholesky factorization of matrices in parallel and ranking of graphs, D. Dereniowski, M. Kubale
  15. Asynchronous iterative Newton algorithm for personal computers, A. Chemeris
  16. A Multigrid Poisson Solver on General 3-Dimensional Domains, M. Sterk, R. Trobec
  17. Testing and Timing of Numerical Linear Algebra Algorithms, J. Wasniewski