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  1. Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Laplace Task Graphs on Heterogeneous Platforms, O.Beamont, P.Ramet, and J.Roman
  2. Dynamic Tasks Assignment for Real Heterogeneous Clusters, M.Beltran, A.Guzman and J.Bosque
  3. Messages Scheduling for Data Redistribution between Clusters, J.Cohen, E.Jeannot and N.Padoy
  4. Multidimensional Static Block Data Decomposition for Heterogeneous Clusters, A.Kalinov and S.Klimov
  5. Partitioning Interfaces Design for Heterogeneous Networks of Computers, A.Lastovetsky and R. Reddy
  6. Load-balancing iterative computations on heterogeneous clusters with shared communication links, A.Legrand, H.Renard, Y.Robert, F.Vivien
  7. A Job Mapping Strategy for Heterogeneous Multiprogrammed Systems, P. Maheshwari
  8. Large Scale Peer to Peer Performance Evaluations, with Gauss-Jordan Method as an Example, S.Petiton and L.Aouad
  9. Anticipating Performance Information of Newly Portable Computers on the WLAN for Load Balancing, D.Sanchez, E.Macias and A.Suarez
  10. Performance Study of Scheduling Mechanisms for Peer-to Peer Computer Environments, I. Savvas and T. Kechadi
  11. Packet Probing for Network-aware Scientific Applications in Cluster Environments, S.Storie and M.Sosonkina