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  1. Flood forecasting in a Grid Environment, L. Hluchy, J. Astalos, M. Dobrucki, O. Habala, B. Simo, V.D. Tran
  2. Execution and Migration Management of HLA-based Interactive Simulations on the Grid, K. Zajac, M. Bubak, M. Malawski, P Sloot
  3. Mediators in the Architecture of Grid Information Systems, P. Brezany, A. Min Tjoa, H. Wanek, A. Wohrer
  4. Advanced Replica Management with Reptor, P. Kunst, E. Laure, H. Stockinger, K. Stockinger
  5. Adaptive Grid Scheduling of a High-Throughput Bioinformatics Application, E. Huedo, R. S. Montero, and I. M. Llorente
  6. Pegasus: Planning for Execution in Grids, E. Deelman, J. Blythe, Y. Gil, C. Kesselman
  7. Grid Architecture for Interactive Applications, M. Bubak, M. Malawski, K. Zajac
  8. Towards the Wisdom Grid: Goals and Architecture, P. Brezany, A. Min Tjoa, I. Janciak
  9. Automatic Flow Building for Component Grid Applications, M. Bubak, K. Gorka, T. Gubala, M. Malawski, K. Zajac
  10. SuperVise: Using Grid Tools to Simplify Visualization, J. Osborne, H. Wright
  11. Security in the OCM-G Grid Application Monitoring System, B. Balis, M. Bubak, W. Rzasa, T. Szepieniec, R. Wismueller
  12. Metrics for Grid Applicability: a Distributed Elliptic Curve Platform Assessment, P. Trezentos, A. Olivera